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Learn Iris Photography


If you want to start your own Iris Photography Business,

Then don't go with a franchise!

You would pay more than 50,000€, have monthly fees, and be tied to their rules.

Icing on the cake, they lack ethics and won't respect you as a human being.

You'd better be independent, and flexible. You will have more fun and innovate more.

Today everybody knows the concept, but people don't remember the brand name, so you don't need their notoriety, only the notoriety of the concept.

Iris Photographie is the perfect example of an independent shop crushing it.

Being independent gives you the freedom to fully express your creativity and stand out from the crowd.

I suggest that you learn everything by yourself. Franchises equipment isn't that fancy (it's basically a camera, a macro lens and a lighting system).

Though, if you want to be fast, I can teach you everything about Iris Photography.            
I have worked the past 8 months on an online training that condense my entire knowledge and experience.

Iris Photography Masterclass


learn iris photography masterclass tutorial iris photo
Andy - Iris Photographie
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